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The Harz Narrow Gauge Railways (HSB) are today one of the most important technical monuments in Europe and one of the last great steam adventures in the world.

Over the course of five years the photographer, Olaf Haensch, spent countless nights in the Harz mountains, and with the help of complex flash setups, was able to create surreal and atmospheric images of the steam trains and their environment. Into the darkness he brings light, capturing in a moment the essence of nighttime steam railroading not normally accessible to the eye. Fantastic pictures tell stories from both past and present, bringing to life the myths and unlocking the secrets of the Harz mountains, and immersing the viewer in a dream-like setting.

This large premium-quality book unites irretrievable and unique scenes in an impactful portrait of the HSB, supplemented by lively texts, and a preface by journalist and Harz expert Paul-Josef Raue. An impressively designed map of the railway, including height profiles obtained from satellite data, attests to the masterstrokes of the builders.

This high quality coffee table book was made in cooperation with the Klartext publishing house in Essen and the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways.

New edition released July 30, 2015
Price: € 19,99
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128 pages with format 11 x 11,6 “
100 color images, map and line profiles
ISBN 978-3-95843-171-3

Original edition released December 3, 2010
Price: € 29,95
Hardcover with jacket
ISBN 978-3-8375-0450-7



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